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There are many reasons why your existing gas central heating system may not be working as efficiently as it should be and many of these problems can easily and effectively be fixed

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Example 4System bleading and balancing

Radiators that are not operating efficiently can cause damage to your boiler and reduce its life expectancy. Most problems are easily fixed and compared to the cost of a new boiler it makes economical sense to give your heating a health check. An efficient system will also help keep those rising utility bills to a minimum. NEW HEATING INSTALL;

Merton Plumbing Services can design a completely new system for your unique situation. A survey of your property is required and we need to calculate your properties heating requirements. These calculations are based on your individual property and take into account the property location, the room positions and sizes, the use of the rooms and the heat loss through such things as windows, doors etc. All systems will be designed and installed in such a way to maximize the system efficiency in a cost effective manner. You will be provided with a FREE written estimate for carrying out the works with a full breakdown of our recommendations